Happy Xmas

Portland International Airport, OR:
How do you feel when you are waiting for the time to board your flight? Lets say how do you pass time in this situation. I have to wait for 1 hour and 40 minutes. I was not aware that this airport has internet access on its waiting room. I opened my notebook computer and was trying to kill time. Fortunately, I got internet connection. And tried to write to something.

I am going to some place: thats San Diego for my winter break. For graduate students, there is no holiday at all. But, I think, its better to have some time off from the lab. Don't be lab rat all the time. Its 6 days trip to south western part of the US. Good place for winter, warm weather unlike rainy, cold here in Oregon-Corvallis/Portland.

It is raining out here. Whole day is screaming in north west and north east part of US today.

I will post something about my trip later.

I want to say happy x-mas to all of you.

Write how you are celebrating this winter break.

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