Universal Studio Tour #Hollywood

Universal Studio in Hollywood is the place where most of the Hollywood movies are made. I am not that much familiar to the movies. I have watched very few Hollywood movies. During my winter vacation trip to San Diego, I had an opportunity to go to world movie center city Los Angeles. According to our guide "More movies and TV shows" have been shot at Universal than at any other studio. In this occasion I would like to take you to universal studio.
Welcome to Universal Studio: Red Carpet for everyone
It was great opportunity to learn the Hollywood film industry.

They have permanent sets of different places that you have been watching on movies and TV shows. Lets go to these sets by riding tram. We saw a New York Street, Small Town, Old Mexico, Six Points Texas, Little Europe, the Square of Warriors and others. You might have seen "Little Europe" in movies like Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolf Man, Pink Panther, Pirates of the Caribbean. New York Street was seen in Spider-Man 2 as well as TV series such as Alias, Boston Legal, The A-Team.

Some pictures are in this photo story.

There is an impressive set from 2005’s "War of the Worlds" (with Tom Cruise), where an airliner has crashed into a residential neighborhood.

A crashed plane which destroyed houses(right below).

This set is used to show broken bridge.

They have a set which is used to show rain and flash flood in a village. They demonstrated us the event. They also showed us how they film the fire events in the movie. Watch this video clip.

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