Politics! Are you Interested?

Just a question. Well not just a question, its kinda discussion.

Last week I was talking with my friend from Ukraine. In the mean time I asked her something that happened in Ukraine recently and was in bbc news. But she didn't know that. Why not? I was just curious because it should be a big news for her. She didn't know because she didn't get the news, she don't care about her own country, or what? I asked her. "I am not interested in politics" she replied this way. Ok, you are not interested in politics then why don't you listen, read or watch news? I asked her again as I was not satisfied with her answer. Her second answer surprised me. I have not even thought about about her opinion. "What do you get from news?". She put another question to my question rather giving answer. "You get to know what is happening or what happened or anything else in all field of life around the world or whatever you are interested in" I tried to convince her. "Then how will you be benefited from that?" Another question in stead of answer. I didn't have right answer to her question. I had another question though. Then I talked to her in different way. Don't you like games, aren't you interested to know social news and so on. Then she replied as she didn't have time. This makes sense to some extent.

I know many(most) young generations don't like politics. But it doesn't necessarily mean that they are not interested. In my opinion its not a matter of likeliness or hate. Its a part of everyone's life because it is affecting your life in many aspects. It plays major role to influence your life in underdeveloped or developing countries.

One thing you always remember. You don't care when you are student. After you are done with your study and try to find job and after you realize getting job is very difficult then you will try to understand why you are not getting job. And you ultimately end up to a point that this is politics that makes policies and creates more job to you.

Fundamentally politics is the brain of all sciences.

May be because I am from Nepal, I always keep me updated with mainly political news around the world with special emphasis Nepal. People say that Nepalese are far more interested and involved in politics. And some say that due to more politics Nepal is suffering from a number of problems. But for me the bad situation of country makes me interested in politics and political news. Because I always want to know what is going to happen tomorrow, when is my country going to be in normal.

But the condition of developed countries like USA is totally different. They don't care about who is leading the country and where they are going. Most of the youngsters are busy to make credit history, making love(which is not bad though) and what else? Thats why Bush is doing whatever he wants.


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  2. ठिक कुरो लेख्नु भयो । नेपाली जनता राजनितीमा संलग्न त छन तर डर लाग्छ सायद आफ्नो कर्तब्य बिर्सेर लागेकाहरु देख्दा ।
    नेपाली राजनितीमा लागेको युवा पुस्ताको जोस् ठिक ठाउमा सदुपयोग नभएको देख्दा अलि मन विचल्ली हुन्छ । हामीलाई नेपालमा धान उमार्नेको कथा-व्यथा बारे चासो छैन तर चामल भने सबैलाई बासमती नै चाहिन्छ ।


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