Inspiring Buna Dahal: Story of a Blind

I am very impressed from Buna Dahal.

She is blind since birth. She was born in Nepal and came to US when she was 18. A blind young girl from a underdeveloped country like Nepal made a great journey to a developed country ( in terms of society, technology etc) and is now successful and is a motivation to other people. I understand how difficult it is to stay away from home, how difficult to stay in the society which is almost totally different than the society where you grew up, how difficult to stay in the place where you don't know anybody, how difficult to stay where the language is different. Even well educated and physically and mentally perfect person have to face these problems. I can't imagine how she was able to accommodate all of these things and got success.

Now she is a masters level student of community leadership. Yesterday I went through her personal website and realized that definitely she is a good leader, good speaker. She has her own business. She is employment trainer and motivational speaker, an expert in teaching people how to think out of the box.

Her website dynamicbuna.com tells that she has very busy schedule. Last year she gave a speech as a invited speaker in the United Nations. She is getting more popularity in national and international media these days.

She herself is inspired by the saying of Pablo Picasso "I am always doing things I can't do, that's how I get to do them."

I am personally impressed by her because of her continuous struggle for what she wants to do in any adverse situations, always hope for the better, don't give up your hope and goal etc.


  1. धेरै राम्रो जानकारी गराउनु भो . धनयबाद . जारि राखनुस.


  2. This woman, my friend Buna, is absolutely amazing. We met and worked together through Blind Services, Inc.

    I learned so much from you, Buna. I love seeing the world through your eyes. Such vision. Such insight. All in that so-big heart of yours.

    Oprah needs to meet you. You have so much to offer all of us.

    Love you,
    Rita (Ruttendjie)


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