Sex with 2 or more people in a year?

One study shows that 22% of Oregon State university (OSU) students are engaged in intercourse with two or more people in the last year. The study was conducted by the American College Health Association and is published in todays Daily Barometer. The associate director of health promotion at Student Health Service Pat Ketcham said "People think that on average, the majority of campus is having two or more sexual partners in the past year, but that's not really true." He thinks that students are mostly having between zero and one partners.

And the study has shown that 2.5% of the students have never consumed alcohol and 38.4% consume alcohol daily. What do you think about this?

Many people including my friends back in Nepal believe sex is free in the US. They ask us "did you have any chance?" and if you say 'NO' they are not even ready to believe it. Sometimes I make jokes about this with my friends.  My satire or jokes goes like this: "there is a line of girls just outside the airport and you pick one of them and have fun". But its not true. In my observation it depends on persons interest.

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