Awesome dance in Spring Festival#Corvallis

The International Students of Oregon State University (ISOSU) organized an annual international spring festival in Memorial Union (MU) quad at OSU today. There were many booths from different countries. Free food and free musical shows attracted the audiences like me. Food was very good. Different varieties of tastes were available there.

More than the food, I want to mention two dances. One was belly dance by two beautiful ladies.

One of the two Belly dancers.
Number of audiences drastically increased when the announcers announced that the next performance was Brazilian dance by two gorgeous girls by pointed at them. How was their dance? Just wait for a while. First see the pictures.

She is one of the Brazilian dancers: Most attractive show
of todays program. I wonder if she was wearing full cloth then
the number of audiences wouldn't be so large.
After dancing on the stage, my guess they felt "why to dance only two girls and others watching. Lets encourage audiences to dance with us." Then they went to the audiences and asked to come to dance.

In this photograph, the dancer is trying to convince a small boy to
dance with her.
Now turn is of Men.

But because of unexpected invitation of the lady dancer to dance 
with her, this guy is kinda scared. May be its cultural shock.
After a while he agreed to watch her steps carefully.

Finally he started to dance. And enjoyed a lot.

Why should be I left alone there, everybody was taking photograph with the ladies. However I couldn't dance with them. Kinda shy.

Now its time for the video. See how they move their body parts. Enjoy it.


  1. la la k t sanga photo khichayera danga pareko rahechha. mooz garechha k ta le.

  2. Very detailed description man! You really concentrated on that.-Tosapol

  3. very nice collection. i enjoyed very much


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