Videos from Nepali New Year Celebration

As you have seen from my previous post that we celebrated Nepali new year of 2069BS here in Laramie, Wyoming. The event was a great success in terms of crowd-guests presence, food, performances etc. That was little more than my expectation. Now it has become a tradition of such kind of event in Laramie. I helped to distribute food (off course after I had some delicious food :)) and most of the time I was taking videos and photographs of the event. You might have seen photos everywhere in the facebook. I took some extra time after the event and uploaded individual performance videos to the youtube. The videos came out good and becoming popular. In this post I am just sharing those videos. I have created a playlist of those videos for your comfort. You don't have to click individual videos.

The event news was on three online portals including this blog. www.nepalipost.com and www.dcnepal.com published the news that I sent to them. That was great. Enjoy!!!

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