Paragliding in Pokhara, Nepal: A Photo Story

Recently I visited Pokhara and enjoyed Paragliding from Sarangkot. This blog post is a photo story of that event. Click on the photo(s) to view larger version. My experience on paragliding appeared on previous post (in Nepali).

Started from Paranova Paragliding's office in Lake Side, Pokhara

I want to fly like that

Now my Pilot (he is from Bulgaria) puts flying gears on me 

We are ready to fly but waiting for favorable wind  condition to take off
There are some gliders already on the sky. It looks colorful sky but the visibility is not great.
My Bulgarian pilot gave a short briefing on how to take off and we took off.
Finally on the sky without any engine. Top of this mountain
is the place where Paragliding takes off.
This is me.
Enjoying with others. You can see beautiful white peaks.
Not alone
Towards landing site: Fewa Lake
30 min Paragliding is done. After Landing.
View of sunset as seen from my residence in Pokhara
Photos: Bulgarian pilot, Sagar and myself (last one)

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