Amazing fight! Lions and buffaloes are fighting

Few lions are sitting on the side of the water(may be river or lake). Looks like they are eagerly waiting for their food. A few number of buffaloes are also going somewhere through the way. When the buffaloes are nearby to the lions they realized that their life are in danger and started run away. But it was too late. Lions are able to catch one young member of buffalo community. It falls into water. Lions try hard to pull their 'nice food' away from water to the land. The young buffalo is still alive. The other buffaloes who escaped from the attack of lions and survived for that time come up with more buffaloes, actually hundreds of them and attack lions. They cry after seeing their young member having very hard time. They finally are able to get rid of the lions.

I liked this video very much because it shows working together is far more better than being alone in this world. It is a lesson for us. There is famous saying in Nepali that " ekle thuki suki, sayele thuki nadi". It means that if there is one drop it dries, and if there are group of drops it makes river.

On the other hand it is nature. Nature balance its diversity if not disturbed by human activity.

Its 08.23 min long video from youtube and have been viewed by 68,318,981.

Enjoy it.

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