My First Year in Corvallis

It was 9/11 last year I entered United States of America. The day was remarkable in the world’s history and in the US because it is remembered as the terrorist attack on the twin tower buildings in New York City in 2001. Just before few days of my departure from Kathmandu, one Plane was hijacked in Europe and air-travel was very tight during that time. While booking my ticket, I did not take into consideration of that date. During my travel I realized the importance of the day.

I came to the USA as PhD student in Chemistry @ Oregon State University. My first year was focused to this goal. During this time, I took 6 courses and 3 seminar courses. I decided to work with Prof Staci and it was very important decision. I filed my graduate program of study with the formation of graduate advisory committee to the graduate school.

In the mean time I have traveled to three neighboring states other than Oregon. They are California, Nevada and Washington. First out of state tour started in last winter. It was 15 days travel to Nevada and California. I visited Reno, Lake Tahoe, and San Francisco. I like to visit different places and meet people. This summer I went to Seattle. Other places I have visited so far in Oregon are Portland, Salem, Eugene, Albany, Mary’s Peak, and Crater Lake. Recently I went to Red Wood national park to spend 3 days Labor Day weekend(Sep 1-3). To know about my Crater Lake, Seattle and Red Wood trip please see previous blogs.

Obviously, during this period I miss my family, friends in Kathmandu, though I am contact with my family and to some of friends through telephone and internet. I also miss festivals Dashain, Tihar Teej etc. I used to go to Maurighat-my home town at least in Dashain after I moved to Kathmandu for my higher studies. I liked the specific way women of my town celebrate Teej. Whatever you do in your childhood greatly influences.

At this moment I would like to thank Dr. Kailash Ghimire and family,Suva and other Nepalese in Corvallis for their generous help.

Nepalese community in Corvallis

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