Labor day Weekend in Red Wood National Park

Redwood national and state parks in US are well known for tall and wide trees. These parks are recognized as both a World Heritage Site and an International Biosphere Reserve. The redwood trees are tallest trees in the world upto 379 feet high and wider- wider to pass your car through them.

A drive through redwood tree. With big drive through door this tree stands tall. We drove through the tree.

Roosevelt elk (Cervus elaphus ssp. roosevelti)

These were once about to extinct but now you can see many of them there. We were lucky during our hiking to redwood hiking trail, we saw a heard of Elks. It was 4 hours hiking. We were having rest and having lunch on the river side. At the same moment, we saw them sitting on the other side of the river. They started to look at us. Elks are like deer but much more bigger.

Our group members looking at the Elks.

It was good time to see sun set from sea beach. Actually that was my first time to be on the sea beach. I really enjoyed the time.

Posing at the time of sun setting.

Water of the ocean was very cold. We stayed on the beach for 2 hours looking at the sea waves and we saw whale and sea lions there.

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