CO2 from Ocean adds to Global Warming

Global warming and its effect climate change are challanges of 21st century. There is no dought that globe is warming because of natural process and because of human activities like carbon dioxide emmisions. And till date most of the scientists believe that anthropogenic emmisions are most likely the major source that is increasing the rate of warming and are trying to cut emmissions so that we could mitigate warming and make this globe safe for new generation. But new study shows that CO2 from Ocean (natural sourses) is also adding warming. General beliefe is that ocean absorbs atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Professor from Oregon State University Ed Brooks with other scientists by analyzing frozen blocks of ice ranging from 90,000 years prior is able to view in retrospect what our earth may have been like before human kind inhabited.
He said "humans are still the culprit when it comes to the current glbobal warming circumstance but we have to consider the role of ocean in the future because oceans are also adding CO2 into the atmosphere."
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