Lovely Squirrel Dance

One day I was going to school and I saw one beautiful squirrel. It was crossing the road in search of something or just walking I don't know. I was walking on the side walk. I like these tiny rodents. Bushy tail, slender body, large eyes, soft, and silky fur. They are always active, doing something or at least running from here to there for seeds and nuts. They love nuts. When it saw me, started looking at me with its large eyes. I stopped and also started watching whatever it did.


It stood up with his (her?) hind-limbs with fore limbs together doing namaste to me, at least I thought in the begining but was not true. It was holding the nut! Then it started dancing and I just watched its dance.

Look at this picture how it danced. I was playing music on my ipod. I thought it was dancing with my music. How could this happen? How could it listen my music-not possible. Watching all this I felt so good. Good mood to start the day. With a group of students walking on the street with noise, some bikes it was disturbed. The dancer and the audience were forced to separate. We both said good bye and promised to see each other again.

These days also I see squirrel but not sure whether its the same one or different one. They all look same to me.

Thank you for reading this post.

All photos taken by me, Place: Corvallis, OR.

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