Enjoying in Snowy Range Mountain

Enjoying in Snow
Snowy Range is the one of the very few places close to Laramie where we go for fun. I have been to this place may be more than 10 times in a year, looks like once in a month in average. This little mountainous area is ~32 miles from the place where we live (Laramie) and is famous for winter recreational activities e.g. ski, snowboard etc. This place sees snow almost more than half of a year. The base of the mountain is ~9000 ft and highest peak is ~12,013 ft high. The hw 130 goes through this mountain range from Laramie but is closed during heavy snow season and we have to return from ~half way. Summer season is different. There are some view points, some lakes where we do fishing etc. During winter, we don't have many things to do outdoor, apart from sight seeing snow. Most of the time we go to Snowy range and have some fun with snow and the scenery around it.

Last Saturday we went once again. This time my wife was with me along with Shashi sir family. We had lots of fun out there. Here are some of the pictures taken. I hope you will enjoy watching them.

Playing with Snow

At Centennial, A town ~5 miles from Snowy Range. This town has a population of only 100. 

Some deers grazing on grass, seen from the road.
Click on the pics to see larger version. Thanks goes to Shashi sir for pics.

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