Why I Write?

This blog was started in late 2007 and was the first blog I started. It has been few years by now and I am able to keep it alive. It takes some time to think about what I should write for next post. Actual writing doesn't take much time. Most of the blog post materials start with my interest and I try to have something that is interesting to others as well. Remember, I am not a writer by profession I am a student of science. I have written blog posts both in English and Nepali languages but mostly in English. Some of the readers of this blog have liked my way of writing in Nepali. Some friends ask why I am writing. 

In the list below, I've tried to outline the reasons why I write.  

1. To Improve Writing Skill
I wanted to improve my writing in English and make a habit of writing. Expressing one's feeling, knowledge, experiences is very important and writing is one of the ways to express. This is equally true in professional life. My English learning started when I was in 4th grade. Forget about speaking, writing was never good. I had 57 points out of 100 in English in SLC exam. During college study, we just had to memorize books/notes and paste that in the exams. Later on I realized that writing in English is important for my professional career (that time I had decided to go on a science career). I took English as an elective subject in 3rd year of BSc. After BSc, I joined Biswabhasa Campus and studied English for one semester. These two classes definitely improved my English but was not enough because learning has to be continuous or has to be practiced regularly.

After coming to the US, I felt that strong improvement in English writing and speaking is necessary. For speaking, I took one class at OSU. For writing, in my opinion practice is very important. That's why I started this blog. When I look back my email correspondences to the professors while applying for graduate school, I feel ashamed. Over past years, my writing has been improved-I can say for sure but still learning. This blog has improved my writing in Nepali as well.

2. Writing is My Passion
I like to write and read. This is what I do in my leisure time. I can read each and every letters in newspaper without headache :). I started writing when I was in high school mostly poems. One of the poem was published in a national weekly when I was in 8th grade and I had won first prize on some district level poem competition. During my college time, specially after ISc, I have published several popular science articles on national newspapers  mostly in Nepali. Very few were in English.

With this blog I am able to continue my writing habit. Actually apart from this blog, I own/or administer/ or write some other blogs (3 more but not on regular basis).

3. Sharing with others
Blogging has become one of the best ways to share ideas, feelings, opinions to others. This applies to me equally. In this blog, most of the time I have shared my travel events to different parts of the US. Some of the blog posts are my opinions, experiences, and views on issues related to our country, culture etc.

4. Keeping Record of Time Events
I think blogging is a new form of writing everyday activities or events like writing diary in old days. This way one can keep records of past events (location, date, event, persons etc). Some of the blog posts in Science to Society are for this purpose. It will be useful after some years to look at blog posts and know my past activities. Therefore it helps to keep record of history (mostly personal). 

5. Brings Some $$
This blog is also earning some money. This is not the main purpose of writing and the money it brings is very nominal compared to the time one has to spent for this. I think whatever money it brings is kind of bonus. (NOTE-03-29-13: I have donated $100 to Help Nepal Network earned from this blog.)


  1. Great ! Best wishes for the coming days too ! It covers my story more or less :D Happy Blogging

  2. Your post will also be a good reference for me if anybody asks why I write:) Reason #5 doesn't apply to me though :(


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