Celebrate Nepal 2011 # Happy New Year 2068 BS# in Wyoming

An act demonstrating traditional marriage process
Nepalese People (mainly students) at University of Wyoming, Laramie, USA celebrated Nepalese New Year 2068 today (04/02/2011). The event was very successful with lots of performances including slide shows and videos introducing Nepal, Nepali Culture and Natural beauty, songs, dances and variety of acts demonstrating Nepalese culture. Looked like each and every Nepali has talent and they can dance and sing or play. The actual Nepali new year 2068BS is on 14th of April this time, we celebrated today considering exams of most of the students and other technical reasons.

This was the second celebration of its kind after last years grand success. You can check last years performances videos and blog posts by clicking here

Nepalese students have put lots of effort and time to organize and make this event a successful. Some groups were the winners of UW got talent (dance) show last week. They have also won international talent show. This years program also showed these students and friends really have talent.

I appeared few seconds on couple of events on stage. It was fun.

After the formal cultural show, we had Nepalese food from Mt. Everest cafe, Fort Colin Colorado. And, finally had dance. Dance is still going on while I am writing these lines.

Happy New Year 2068 BS to all of you. 

Enjoy some of the pics and videos from the program.
Folk dance 

Some more pictures (source: facebook)
Food Serving

Celebrating Teej


Food Serving


Raato Machhindranath Rath Jatra

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