Working on Student Farm in Wyoming

We have been working on student farm of UW called ACRES for about three months. We just do volunteer work approximately  2 hours per week on Saturday. Our schedule is from 10-12am. It is fun working on farm. However working on farm is not new for us. It is just in a new place where priorities are different. It is reminding my childhood. During our high school period, we used to work on our own farm, taking care of goats and buffaloes. Most of people in Nepal rely on their own agriculture for living. 

Farming in Laramie happens only in summer, rest of the year not possible. It is all snow covered. This year we have planted potato, tomato, cilantro, lettuce, zucchini, raspberry, strawberry, onions, pea etc. Some of them are ready to pick these time. We get to eat FRESH produce. I am putting some pictures of the farm below. Click on each picture to see larger version.

Working on the farm. Susma, Basant and Rajan from left

Inside the hoop house. Flowers welcome when you enter. On the left top you
see tomatoes growing

Tomatoes close up. They are growing fast.




Not only we have veggies but also there are lots of beautiful flowers.


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